Monday, December 29, 2008

Learning a bit of math with an iPod Touch / iPhone

I've set up this blog as a place to engage with parents and teachers who are interested in math related apps for the iPod Touch or iPhone.

The iPod Touch seems to be an excellent platform for 'apps' that support discovery, creativity, consolidation and practice in mathematics (for both parents and kids). I was hooked as soon as I downloaded and played with my first App. The iPod Touch seems to be an almost perfect 'portable learning device' for supporting instant parent-child shared learning experiences (the 5 minute tutoring session, or the 2 minute exploration, or even the 30 second discovery).

I frequently search through the app store for new applications that have some potential to motivate me or my child or both of us to capture a moment and engage in some mathematically significant activity.

Here I will present my 'finds'. The applications that I have discovered by scrounging through the good, bad and interesting apps in Apple's AppStore. To be clear, I am not looking for apps in only in the education category, I am looking for apps that in my judgement may have some educational merit. These may be found in games, education, utilities, productivity, lifestyle, health&fitness, etc.

For each app that I ultimately download and use I will present a summary description, a screen capture or two, my reflections on the potential uses of the app to support learning and three 'Tap Tap Math' ratings. These ratings will be for usability, educational potential and entertainment value - with one as the minimum number of taps and five as the maximum.

I will leave the comments open to the public and encourage you to participate in this discussion. Please let me know about games or other apps that you think might also support learning in mathematics.

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